SEO Firms in South Africa

SEO Firms in South Africa
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Outsourced online marketing services at affordable rates. Marketing Your Business is Easy. Find Customers Online With AdWords, SEO, Banner Advertising, Email and Mobile Marketing.
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Create, deliver & track e-newsletters at affordable, rates with kadabra's powerful kontact system. Kadabra Marketing is an Internet Marketing Company based in Cape Town. We specialise in Google Adwords Management, SEO and Social Media management services
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South Africa has become a hotbed for outsourced SEO services. Over the past few years with the ever increasing prevalence of internet connectivity more and more companies are entering the online space than ever before. naturally this has left an gap and opportunity for SEO firms to take hold in our local market. Providing corporate SEO services is a task that few local SEO companies are able to competently administrate. It is for this reason that SEO Firm has been established. To take the guess work out of choosing quality SEO providers.

Website design is no easy feat and what make it even worse is non professionals that deliver poor results! A website is suppose to be eye catching, informative, have strong word demand, non plagiaristic and up to date. If your website is missing any one of these elements you may as well scrap the entire project and start from the beginning.

The best thing you can do when considering to have a website designed for your company is to consult a website design company that not only specialises in website design but content management, online marketing and link building. A good example of a company that shows excellent command over all of these aspects is 100Degrees.

Because a website forms part of your online marketing strategy, it is important to educate yourself on how to build a successful website.

When drafting your website take the following into consideration:

  • What is the purpose of the website?
  • Who is my targeted consumer group?
  • What information will consumers need?
  • Who will be responsible for website updates and maintenance?
  • Plagiarism
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What is the purpose of the website?

When developing a website the purpose of the site forms part of the framework i.e. will it mainly be for information or to generate sales. Don’t over complicate the matter stick to the purpose of the website.

Who is my targeted consumer group?

If you are looking to sell the latest fashion items to teens and young adults choose a layout and design that will compliment your product. A photo of a man in a tailored suit will not sell a fashion handbag!

What information will consumers need?

Unlike popular believe consumers don’t want to read your rags to riches story. Brief introductions is fine but keep the focus around the products, up and coming events, what’s next for the business.

Who will be responsible for website maintenance?

This is of the utmost importance, a website is never complete as a matter of fact some of the best websites are those who are constantly adding new and exciting content.  You may want to consider a content management company to handle this part of your website.


A good place to start is to have authority content, strong links, strong keyword command and a lot of updates. The more of these you have the better off your site will be.