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Have you ever wondered why certain websites come up first on your search engine when doing a search? How do these site manage to be on the first page out of millions of other websites, the anser is quite simple SEO. by most people all know by now that SEO stands for “search engine optimization” but what exactly does that mean? SEO is a technique that helps search engines to not only find your website but to rank it as well.

In order to obtain a high ranking on a search engine you need to have a great SEO strategy in place. Don’t worry if you already have a website, there are online marketing companies that specialise in optimising web pages such companies include 100degrees.

Here are three major reasons why every business needs SEO:

  • Increased rankings
  • Increased traffic
  • Product/service publicity

Increased rankings

The right type of SEO can take your website to the very top of the search engine, keep in mind this will not happen overnight. What you put in you get out! If you are committed to achieving a good ranking you must be prepaired to put in some effort and some cash. Research has shown that websites that add new content such as blogs and interesting acrticles on a regular basis are ranked higher.

Coming up with up and coming content is not easy so you may want to invest in a content management agency.

Increased traffic

SEO does not only help you rank higher part of SEO is to create strong key word or phrases along with “organic” (not paid for ) links to you webpage.  The more strong keywords you use the better the odds of people finding your website and seeing what you have to offer.

Product/service publicity

Often the proverbial nail in a business coffin is that the product or services they provide don’t get enough publicity, making SEO part of your online marketing strategy will help get your business the exposure it needs.

More often than not SEO is the difference between a business’s ultimate success or spectacular failure.