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Developing websites that are functional and is appealing to the visitor, takes allot of hard work. Service providers such as 100Degress bring together the necessary skill from developers and designer to ensure that your website may be located by search engines, stimulate conversion, and engage customers. As an SEO company a tremendous amount of skill and years of knowledge and experience goes into the development of a successful website.

Search Engine Optimisation

Before you embark on developing your own website you should consider if you are capable of implementing the 8 items necessary in successful online marketing. Following is a list of these items:

1. Choosing a Domain and Host – Take for instance Google and Facebook the domain name say so much but yet so little.
2. Clean design – One of the most important aspects of a user friendly website is a clean design.
3. Effective colour scheme – Colour schemes is more important than the customer realizes.
4. Branding – Making potential customers aware of your brand is very important.
5. Functionality – Does the website load fairly quickly and does it have any broken or misdirected links.
6. Navigation – A website should be easy to navigate. A confusing structure will only drive visitors away.
7. Usability – Websites should be easy to use. Any complication may result in the loss of business.
8. Clean SEO-Friendly code – When developing or upgrading a website code should be SEO friendly.

It is clear that online marketing and optimizing webpage’s is not a task for novices so rather have professionals do it right the first time and never look back.